It's not just a brand...it's a movement to empower women. "I AM PRESTIGE" is an affirmation that encapsulates our belief in the value and beauty of every woman. We created it with the goal to help women feel confident and fearless, providing an exclusive and sophisticated experience that celebrates femininity and elevates the standard of style.

We empower women to express their innermost sense of style, igniting their inner confidence and radiance. Our designs are carefully crafted to make our customers feel like they can conquer anything, from the boardroom to the dance floor. At iPrestige, we stand for exceptional quality, trust, integrity, accountability, passion, and community. Our mission is to provide an exclusive and sophisticated experience that celebrates femininity and elevates the standard of style. With iPrestige, you will stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of everyone around you, making a statement that is both elegant and powerful.

For the confident and sophisticated woman who values exclusivity and luxury, iPrestige offers high-end inspired, sophisticated clothing that embodies the essence of prestige.

At iPrestige, we are committed to providing exceptional quality and service. We believe that our clothing is an investment in your sense of self-worth and confidence, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you feel completely satisfied with your purchase. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that you are making a statement that is both elegant and powerful: Here's what we value:

QUALITY - We aim to only carry products of the best quality possible for our customers.

TRUST & HONESTY - As a brand, we offer trust and transparency to all our customers and are loyal to our word, and would never lie about the "fit" or "quality" of our products - always keep our promise.

INTEGRITY - We stand behind our decisions regarding merchandise, pricing, and messaging.

ACCOUNTABILITY - If we drop the ball... We believe in taking full responsibility and taking the necessary steps to resolve any issues that occur during any process of our shopping experience.

PASSION - We as a company and as a Brand, have a great passion for the products we offer and for all our customers.

COMMUNITY - we are striving to create a community where we can answer our customer's questions, provide instant customer service and interact daily with our customers in a friendly, public manner.


From dreams to reality, iPrestige Boutique originated from the beautiful mind of Founder and CEO Cyntrelle Lash. The brand was created with the intent to help women find purpose and spark confidence. She is a full-time mother of 2 beautiful kids, a lover of God, and all things motivational and inspirational.

"Fashion has always been a form of expression for me since I was old enough to dress myself. As a kid, I would always read fashion magazines and watch Tyra Banks's, America's Next Top Model envisioning myself walking down the runway modeling the hottest looks! Standing out was always something I took pride in! For my high school prom, I sketched, designed, and hand-picked my own material for a seamstress to create just so no one else would have a replica of my dress!

I always dared to be different. I was the girl who would “overdress” for all occasions and don’t care what people think about it. I always lived in my truth despite the judgment of those around me, and I started this brand to inspire ladies to unapologetically do the same."